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Join us on this magical experience of "walking on water" under the FULL MOON on our exclusive FULL MOON SUP TOUR in Aarhus.

Each month, our SUP coaches take a group out, as soon the sun sets and the moon rises. The tour is for everybody to participate and for the first timers on the SUP board, we will give you the basic introduction of course and take care of you during the tour!

Glide effortlessly across the water while taking in the sounds of nature surrounding you as you follow the glow of the moon shimmering on the water around you. Truly a once in a lifetime experience, take advantage of this adventure that only occurs once a month when the moon is full.

Before we start our tour, we will get together for some Tea and Talk about the MOON :)


11. April | 10. Mai | 9. July | 7. August | 6. September | 5. October | 4. November

PROGRAM (depending on the month)

11. April:

  • Meeting at our location: 19.00 (First timers on a SUP board meet at 18.30)
  • Moon Talk & Tea 19.00 - 20.00
  • Start of the Tour: 20.18 (Sunset time)
  • End of the tour: approx. 22.15
  • SUP Experience: Beginner-Intermediate


  • SUP board, paddle, leash, wetsuit, life-vest, lights
  • certified Instructors on the tour
  • Moon talk & tea
  • shower and changing facilities
  • Basic SUP Instruction for First timers on a SUP board (start: 30 min earlier at 20.30)


  • For First timers (incl. basic Introduction & equipment): 350,00 kr
  • SUP board & Wetsuit rental (requires very confident SUP Skills) : 250,00 kr (BOOKING: After clicking "Book Nu" choose the "Benyt rabatkupon" and type in "rabat100")
  • Price for "Klippekort"- owners: 3 klip (BOOKING: You "pay" with klips after the event)

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