Prolimit neoprene denmark

PF-1 Nature Prene

Freezip 6/4

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Prolimit ecological wetsuit, made with the best technology available. Making eco-friendly wetsuits is a difficult, and expensive business. We developed a renewable material that performed as good, or better, than traditional neoprene. A side effect is that less energy is needed as nature is helping us to produce this rubber instead of factories. Less than 1% of the worlds rubber supply currently comes from FSC certified sources.
  • Low environment impact high-performance wetsuit
  • Nature Prene, natural rubber harvested from rubber trees
  • Aqua alfa, solvent free, water based laminating glue
  • Recycled polyester stretch lining
  • Plush inside recycled polyester
  • YKK freezip, horizontal
  • FSC certified

Prolimit Story:

Prolimit is driven by a desire to create and build innovative watersport products. We lead the market with superior technology, applying industry-first innovations across a range of superior quality products. When it comes to developing reliable and good products that stand the test of time, our dedicated team of watermen have a proven track record – 36 years experience in our field – which ensures we do it right.

Prolimit was founded in the Netherlands, and we are now happy to represented worldwide. Since it’s inception, Prolimit has been instrumental in nurturing champions in windsurfing and kiteboarding arenas. Many of the world’s best athletes have found fertile ground with Prolimit, with our superior products allowing them to develop their talents. Our product engineering and marketing is driven from our head office in the Netherlands, working closely with our R&D and Design office in Cape Town, South Africa. Our extended team consists of a stable of talented designers, who physically test Prolimit products on the rugged, often challenging South African coastline. This, along with sub-zero conditions further north in the Netherlands, ensures more product testing time across all seasons. We also collaborate with experts from the USA and Taiwan on product technology. Our long lasting and strong relationship with the best factories in the world, ensures a superior quality product line that stands apart from the rest.

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