The sea provides a playground to have the best times of our life. It calms us and disconnects us from our “daily wheel”! If we want to keep it up, we must keep the sea clean and by now, most everyone knows this dirty truth about our oceans: Tons and tons of plastic waste in the form of bottles, bags, fishing nets, Styrofoam, and a myriad other containers are routinely discarded into the sea. Marine scientists estimate that over 5 trillion pieces of plastic currently litter the oceans.

The good news is – We all can contribute!

VIDEO: Ocean Clean Up 14th of September 2017

Within our community of ocean-lovers, we do our best to create activities and raise awareness towards a clean sea and its surrounding!

  • Organisation of Ocean clean-ups within our SUP Club in and around our harbour area
  • Motivate to use very good Apps like Litterati ( international ) or  Havmiljvogter (local), that are tracking the plastic you found.
  • Generate awareness by communication in marketing materials and our location

For our previous SUP Club training, we choose the topic “we love the sea! Keep it clean!” and went for a SUP tour with trash bags from Havmiljvogter – a platform that connects people, who spend their free time at sea around Denmark, and have agreed to help look after our seas, by reporting oil spills among other things. When you sign up, you become a marine environment patrol. Anyone who spends time in or besides the sea can be a marine environment patrol.

We love Aarhus Sea! Keep it clean!

During our 2 hours tour in our harbour and along the cost, we found 15 kg of trash.

Everything you can imagine: plastic bags, metal, zigarettes, bottles, etc.

We love Aarhus Sea! Keep it clean!

In and around Aarhus harbour, we are so lucky to share the sea with beautiful animals like seals, porpoises, even dolphins. Being followed on the water by these curious, sweet creatures, is the best experience ever!

With the growing amount of plastic, the death of the marine life is growing as well.


In the future, we want to do our very best to keep the sea clean, develop concepts, cooperate with existing projects and work even more on our own environmental sustainability.

Every idea and inquiry is welcome! surf@surfagency.dk


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