SUP board Rental Aarhus

Rent a stand up paddle board in Aarhus. 2 hours, including all equipment, 300 DKK per participant. A 30-minute introduction to technique, equipment, and safety is included in the 2 hours. You will go through everything you need to know to have a fun, safe, and educational experience with stand up paddleboarding.

Nice to know

Are you a larger group? For safety reasons, we do not rent out boards to groups of more than 6 people.

Book a group event if you are a larger group that wants to SUP together. In this case, you will have an instructor with you for the entire tour, who can organize activities according to your wishes.

Read more about our bachelor party and team building events.

Everything you need

Our facilities and equipment

Our many years of experience with surfing and stand up paddleboarding mean that we know what the best gear is.

Our visitors have access to top-notch equipment because it’s crucial for a great experience.

Additionally, it’s important to us that our visitors have good opportunities to change clothes and shower after a water session.

At Fiskerivej, we have our own changing and bathing facilities. At MarselisborgHavn, we have access to the harbor’s facilities.

Denmark's largest SUP Club

Become a part of
our family

As a member of Surf Agency, you’ll receive numerous benefits. You can freely use the club’s SUP boards, participate in regular weekly training sessions, relax in our Surfer Sauna, and much more!

We offer members the opportunity to engage in SUP in a cozy and active community and help you develop your technique and achieve your personal goals with the sport. Whether it’s group SUP outings, SUP racing, SUP wave surfing, SUP yoga, balance training, or aiming to compete in SUP at a competitive level, you’ll find it here!


Water Safety!

All our instructors are certified and trained under the Danish Sailing Association and Danish Surf & Rafting Association / ISA. This ensures both good instruction and high safety on the water.

In the video, you can learn 10 stand up paddle safety techniques:

Worth a visit

A super enjoyable afternoon with two hours on SUP boards. Good and thorough instruction for beginners followed by free play. Definitely worth a recommendation and a visit!